Their excitement is our excitement


Our biggest reward is seeing our students become active young adults with a profession that will lift them out of poverty, and give them the means of helping their families and community. We currently sponsor 50 Stand Tall graduates for post-primary education. Many of them will soon be teachers, accountants, nurses, early childhood educators and tradesmen. Their success is our success; their excitement our excitement. 


“I want to share my excitement with you all. Today has really been a good day for me, because i have been appointed the master of ceremony of the biggest yearly function at Makerere Business Institute (my school).” I was appointed the only girl along with one other boy.

Patience, entering her diploma year in accounting.



Ronald is just finishing a four-year building certificate at vocational school. He was part of the first group of students that joined Stand Tall.  He had lost out on several years of schooling due to financial hardships at home but he was determined to complete his elementary education and learn a trade. He is now about to graduate in building practices and is working with a reputable engineer during school breaks. 

 “I am so proud of who I have become today and many people have accepted that what I learned in school was real.”



 Christopher was part of our first group of students at Stand Tall. He was an excellent student and a leader among his peers. His decision to join a vocational school was based on his need to learn a trade and earn money so he could help his sister obtain an education. He has now graduated in carpentry and is working steadily. His goal is to open his own business and he has been saving his money and buying the necessary tools. 



Sophia graduated in tailoring from St Joseph’s Vocational School and is now working in her chosen profession. She has secured work in making uniforms for a near-by public school and she also teaches stitching and tailoring to a group of students at Stand Tall.